Behind the scenes with ANZ – Wine


Twelve months ago we were presented with the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the team from ANZ bank to create a short film highlighting the long-standing partnership between Rod Micallef (the man behind Zonzo Estate) and the bank that saw his potential, and helped bring his dream to life.

Our story began in an old milking shed, situated amongst vines and the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley in 2007. Year by year, a dedicated team has grown the business into the renowned venue it is today.

We had a lot of fun documenting the story of our heritage and ANZ’s involvement over the years with the help of the amazing crew from Gen C.

We invite you to read below and wander through the photo series we captured, highlighting our version of the experience.

Nick & Rod on the tools

Speaking passionately, he shared stories of hard work and commitment.

The team worked tirelessly to capture our story, which is evident via the finished vignette (Link to final footage here)

A big thank you to the ANZ crew for their dedication and time to bring this film to life, it was a great pleasure to have you on site.


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